Here are some tips on how to pass your Microsoft Excel interview test

May 15, 2021

Microsoft Excel test interview

Are you are about to take a Microsoft Excel interview test or assessment and want to make sure you have all the basics covered? Or do you need a quick refresher course to get you ready to ace your Microsoft Excel test? Here are a few videos below from some amazing teachers that will help you prove your functional knowledge of Excel.

Each video covers something unique or different so kindly check their descriptions to make sure you find what meets your needs. You can also check out excel practice online. A platform that allows you to learn and practice excel functions and tools at any level. All the best with your test and interview.

7 key questions asked as part of the Microsoft Excel interview test with Vadim Mikhailenko

Learn how to to make an entire row bold or italic in excel.
Make rows with different background colours and calculate a total for either a quarter or year.
Sort out data from smallest to largest and group data based on categories. Other things include inserting a chart into a worksheet and forecasting revenue.

Top frequently asked MS Excel interview questions and answers in any Excel Job Interview test with My E-Lesson

This video covers topics such as Vlookup Formula in Excel, making charts in Excel. Using Pivot Table in Excel, how to remove duplicates in Excel and Protecting Sheets in Excel. It also expounds on tracking, data and simple calculations.

5 Excel interview questions you need to get right with Leila Gharani

Leila is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP). She explains Excel VLOOKUP function and limitations, how absolute reference in Excel differ from relative cell reference? Other topics covered are;
What is a PivotTable and why should you use it?
What is conditional formatting?
When would you use the IF Function or a Nested IF in Excel?

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