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Zimbabwean company gets Microsoft OEM certification, produces Infinity laptop and desktop computers

Zimbabwean company ZITCO Microsoft windows 10
Zimbabwean company ZITCO Microsoft windows 10
Picture: Tawanda Mudimu

A Zimbabwean company, Zimbabwe Information Technology Company (ZITCO) has received Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) certification from Microsoft to produce Windows 10 devices.

The ZITCO assembled devices are named Infinity and will bear the mathematical infinity logo. The company will produce laptops, desktop computers and tablets.

It will be a Zimbabwean brand that serves the PC market in Zimbabwe mainly. With plans to produce about 150 thousand devices annually bringing them to other markets in the future.

We .. announce the partnership with Microsoft and certification as an OEM … it assures originality and guarantees the quality of ZITCO products.

ZITCO is a collaboration by telecommunications company TelOne, Inspur and the Zimbabwe Government. To improve the supply of ICT devices to public sector workers to enhance the government’s e-government program. The government wants to lower the costs of ICT devices and make them readily available. As it embarks on an ICT skills development and knowledge transfer in Zimbabwe to boost job creation and economic growth.

Zimbabwean company Infinity laptop desktop

The partnership with Microsoft will see it get discounted prices for Windows 10 and Office software. As a result, some of the computers given to primary and secondary school students will have OS software as low as 1$ compared to $100.

Where OEM’s like HP, Acer, Lenovo, Dell, etc. get their components is where ZITCO gets its components. This should give an element of comfort to our clients or anyone who purchases our products.

The Zimbabwean company plans to move from its initial phase of assembling devices to also manufacturing components. It will have warranty and repair services available for its devices.

Check out images from the launch event of the ZITCO assembly plant below.

Image: www.herald.co.zw,

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