Microsoft addresses confusion over ‘Azure’ pronunciation

Feb 4, 2021

Azure pronunciation Microsoft

Azure, A-z-u-r-e, Az-ure, what is the pronunciation? People have pronounced this word in various forms and manners to my hearing, I included. But is there a right way to pronounce the name of Microsoft’s cloud computing platform?

We have heard Microsoft executives and employees pronounce this word during conferences and meetings and sometimes it varies as well depending on who and where. You’ll think that because this is a company product, the adoption of its name globally will be one and the same.

I remember at least two such meetings in Lagos and Nairobi where Azure was pronounced differently to what I knew and how I pronounced it. Technically I believe my way of pronunciation is right, just as they do lol. I also remember having arguments about what it should be with friends.

So is there a right way? I’m sorry to disappoint you yes there is. But according to Microsoft, it is exactly how you pronounce it. Phew! That’s a relief, right?

The Microsoft Azure team posted a video to mark 11 years of the service. It shows several people from across the globe pronouncing the name of the service differently. But some going with the way Microsoft executives such as Scott Guthrie and Satya Nadella pronounce it.

A Microsoft employee in the video says “The reason why we picked Azure is because then anyone can pronounce it anyway they want“.

Azure is an English word that means “bright blue in color like a cloudless sky”. Symbolism to the adapted color and design of the Microsoft cloud service. Which seems to be all it adapted, not really taking the pronunciation of the original Azure word.

So feel free to pronounce it however you feel like or desire as you were never wrong in the first place. And don’t let anyone like me tell you you are doing so wrong, lol.

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