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Software engineer recruitment process at the Microsoft Africa Development center

Software engineer recruitment process Microsoft Africa
Software engineer recruitment process Microsoft Africa

What is the Software engineer recruitment process for the Microsoft Africa Development Center like? James Ndiga Microsoft technical recruiter Europe Middle East and Africa talks about the process during this digital meetup.

Firstly, Microsoft advertises the software engineering or any other role on the career website. You put in the application.

If selected, Microsoft will send you a technical assessment using Codility. The technical assessment will have three questions in easy, medium and hard levels.

After you’ve submitted your work, a team of engineers will check and review it based on the standards set for that specific assessment or role.

When you pass the technical assessment level, you are invited for a recruiter screening. Here the recruiter checks for non technical focus areas. Other areas include cultural and other competencies that relate to Microsoft and the role.

The next stage involves four interviews in the space of four long hours. Held back to back and lasts for forty-five minutes each with fifteen-minute breaks.

Successful software engineer applicants go on to get an offer at this point.

However, unsuccessful applicants receive feedback on areas they need to level up on in preparation for future opportunities within Microsoft. They are given about six months to do this and then reapply.

For successful candidates who accept the offer, the next stage of the software engineer recruitment process is a background check. This will usually take at least 15 working days.

When the background check is completed and successful, the recruiter discuses your starting date with your hiring manager. It is at this point that you can send in your resignation with your current organization. If you are a freelancer or unemployed and available you can join immediately.

This is is how the recruitment process for most software engineering roles at Microsoft looks like.

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Watch James talk about the Microsoft Software engineer recruitment process

Watch Nigeria event video session here

Want to know more or got questions? Reach out to James on LinkedIn.

One thing you shouldn’t forget is that “a key cultural attribute at Microsoft is curiosity and openness to learning.”

James shares there are career opportunities in various roles such as Program Manager, Research Scientist, UX designers, software engineers and many more.

Microsoft also has full time opportunities for recent university graduates or students graduating in the next year. Check them out.

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