Microsoft outfits new computer lab at Afrika Tikkun Zolile Malindi Centre of Excellence in Mfuleni, Cape Town

Jan 29, 2020

Afrika Tikkun Microsoft computer lab launch

Microsoft South Africa has responded to the Afrika Tikkun Mfuleni center’s need for a greater student-centric IT facility. By outfitting the Zolile Malindi Centre of Excellence in Cape Town with a new computer lab. The new computer lab is larger, has modern computers and will be able to sit sixty students per class.

Until recently we had two computer labs that could only accommodate 44 learners at a time. This wasn’t sufficient for all the learners the centre caters to daily. Often we had learners pairing up at desks taking turns throughout lessons. In addition, the computers were outdated and the hard drives had started to fail.” Says Lizo Madinga, General Manager of the center, Sharing on the state of the center.

Microsoft’s contribution to the Afrika Tikkun computer Lab is a result of our intentions to accelerate the pace of inclusive digital transformation. Notes Anthony Putorek, Senior Lead Workforce Development Program Manager at Microsoft.

We are living in a world that is underpinned by tech intensity. Whereby companies, communities and countries are leveraging digital tools and platforms to build solutions and services to better service the needs of the citizens and customer.
But they can only do this if they have a skilled workforce to do so. As such, fostering in the development of computer skills in education remains an important aspect of what we believe in

Lizo Madinga expresses gratitude to Microsoft South Africa for the amazing gift of upgrading the computer lab. She added, “the centre is now able to accommodate 60 learners per class in a much larger and visually appealing space. Giving meaning to the principle of leaving no-one behind.”

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