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Microsoft Store Jumia Nigeria

Microsoft brings official store to Jumia Nigeria online mall

Microsoft Nigeria is hosting an official store on the Jumia Nigeria online mall.

Microsoft Store Jumia Nigeria

Microsoft now has an official store page on the Jumia Nigeria online mall. A move to help consumers and businesses buy and use genuine Microsoft products and solutions. This solves an earlier challenge as payments are in the local currency, Naira.

The Microsoft store page currently features only Microsoft Office 365 product suites. Offering Office 365 business, Office 365 Business Essentials and Office 365 Business Premium. The store page mentions buying Windows 10 software, that is not presently available.

Get the best tools you need on Microsoft official store page on Jumia mall. Find the best deals on this page. Do more with Office 365 for less. Are you are interested in Windows 10 software? Everything you are looking for is available online at the lowest prices.

Microsoft Nigeria earlier this year also partnered with FirstBank Nigeria. To provide SME’s with an education platform and access to its productivity suite tools at discounted rates payable in Naira.

Microsoft discourages piracy as it has so many negative effects it brings to a software user. Malware ransomware being a major one that opens a software user to cyber attacks. But buying genuine software was a challenge in the African region. This narrative is however changing.

We are unable to confirm to you at this moment if there will be products targeted at individuals. As well as if other Microsoft products like the Surface and Xbox devices will be available in the near future. Or if the Microsoft store will become available in Jumia’s other ten online malls across Africa.

We will bring you updates on this. Click to check out the official Microsoft store on Jumia.

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