Data enthusiasts across Africa receive Microsoft Data Science Training

Sep 10, 2019

Data enthusiasts from Zambia, Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda, Nigeria, South Africa, Uganda, etc. get the opportunity to improve their skills. Earning an accredited data science certificate by completing the Microsoft Professional Program in Data Science.

Data enthusiasts

169 out of 374 enrolled participants have completed the required modules. They will go on to receive a Microsoft Professional Program in Data Science certification when they complete the final project.

DataHack4FI is an initiative by Insight2impact (i2i) to drive data science digital skills development for African youths. Providing a platform that encourages data enthusiasts across Africa to use data and data analytics to solve challenges experienced by individuals or communities.

Microsoft and Liquid telecom are sponsoring Season 3 of DataHack4FI. Data enthusiasts will get an opportunity to take the $999 Microsoft Professional Program for free. While Liquid telecom will host the Microsoft Professional Program for Data Science on its 21st Century Skills for Africa platform.

DataHack4FI says top performers will be paired with an emerging technology company. To collaborate in the design of innovative products and services that advance financial or economic inclusion.

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