Is the Amazing Vacation Offer any good?

Aug 31, 2019

How will you like the freedom to explore, learn, discover and have amazing experiences? An unlimited world of opportunities for a month, albeit at an extra cost. Vodafone Ghana announced a fixed broadband offer targeted at students on vacation. The Amazing Vacation offer. Is this offer any good?

Amazing Vacation Offer

Last month students returned home from school and Vodafone Ghana introduced an unlimited fixed broadband (FBB) monthly package. Giving customers unlimited data usage for a month. Even though it is geared towards students on holiday, anyone can subscribe to it. Currently non of Vodafone Ghana’s FBB package is unlimited. With the highest consumer data package offer being the 400GB data size ‘Office package’.

However to be able to get this unlimited offer you need to have an active FBB package subscription. Then pay an extra one hundred Cedis to get the unlimited data.

So I checked the amazing vacation offer out. I payed the extra one hundred cedis to confirm if this was true and if the experience was any good. You know how you are usually promised a thing and get another.

After paying for this I realized I received an unlimited vacation bonus data of 1TB (1023.72GB). This overrides the existing data and is valid for a month.

I haven’t experienced a throttling of internet speed as my fiber package has worked as normal. Experiencing speeds of 40 to 100 mbps.

You still have the opportunity to move your main FBB data bundle to your linked Vodafone mobile number. So you can basically move all of it and use on the go.

Should you consider this package? The offer is currently available till the end of September. But should Vodafone make this happen every vacation it might be worth it. That’s if you use or want to use more data.