Microsoft Africa Development Center, other initiatives to help Africa make final leap

Aug 29, 2019


Microsoft Middle East and Africa president Samer Abu-Ltaif says bold initiatives like the Microsoft Africa Development Center are needed. Talking about Africa taking a leap in the new era of innovation in the region.

Citing recent $100 million Microsoft investment to have extensive implications for the continent. By driving growth beyond the technology industry. Samer states that the work produced from the Africa Development Center sites will impact the financial services, manufacturing and agricultural industry. Industries he believes are increasingly important to the development of the African continent.

Africa is rapidly approaching a new era of innovation.

Microsoft Datacenters in South Africa, Google Artificial Intelligence Research Center in Ghana, IBM’s research centre in Kenya and South Africa are some of the initiatives tapping into Africa’s rich potential. These initiatives, emerging technologies coupled with skilled people will position Africa for the fourth Industrial Revolution.

Africa is rapidly approaching a new era of innovation. But, more bold initiatives like the Africa Development Center are needed to help the continent make that final leap to realizing its vast potential.

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