Microsoft announces new Azure edge sites in Egypt, Nigeria, Kenya, Israel

Aug 28, 2019

Microsoft announces thirty one new Azure edge sites.

Bringing its cloud customers a faster network and their consumers increased satisfaction. The announced sites will include new edge sites in Kenya and Nigeria. With upcoming sites in Egypt, Turkey and Israel later. The sites will be located in Nairobi, Lagos, Cairo and Tel Aviv.

Azure edge sites

Providing users fast and reliable access to their cloud services, apps and content is pivotal to a business’ success.

Yousef Khalid

Microsoft CVP Azure networking, Yousef Khalid talks about the latest development. He says the Azure Edge sites will provide application development teams increased visibility and higher availability. To access services that improve how they deliver global applications.

Through deployment and operation of globally and strategically placed edge sites, Microsoft dramatically accelerates the performance and experience when you are accessing apps, content, or services such as Azure and Office 365 on the Microsoft global network. – Yousef Khalid

What does this mean?

Infrastructure and development teams will now have; Improved optimization for application delivery. An enhanced customer experience and Private connectivity and dedicated performance through Azure ExpressRoute.

This will significantly improve user experience. Providing fast and reliable access to cloud services for our customers in the region. Local ISVs and startups can provide services to customers competitively and with confidence. – Wale Olokodana [Intelligent Cloud (Azure) Business Group Lead at Microsoft]

Microsoft announced datacenters in Middle East and Africa this year.