Why Microsoft Software Asset Management(SAM) Program is good for your organization

Aug 24, 2019

Software Asset Management

Our co-founder Christopher Bennett was invited to participate in a training program last year at the Microsoft office in Nairobi, Kenya. The training gave more insight of Microsoft’s Software Asset Management program to partners from across Africa.


What is Software Asset Management?

Software Asset Management (SAM) is a set of proven IT practices that unite people, processes, and technology to control and optimize the use of software across an organization. SAM can help you control costs as well as manage business and legal risks, optimize software license investments, and grow IT systems to accommodate your organization’s expanding needs.

Five reasons why you should implement SAM

(1) Improve financial security

(2) Volume discounts for better price points

(3) More liability control

(4) Smoother operations

(5) Increased long-term business value

Some more benefits of SAM

SAM eliminates waste, overlap, and duplicate purchases throughout your organization. By optimizing your software assets and streamlining your internal processes, SAM can help you save time and money, improve workflow, and increase your competitiveness as your company grows in size and maturity.

Reach out to us and let’s help your organization get the most from your software investments. By analyzing your infrastructure and making ensure you are correctly licensed. Teach your IT team how to properly manage your company’s software asset.