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Microsoft Learn is replacing Microsoft Professional Program

Microsoft is evolving its approach to helping people build technical skills and achieving technical certification. The company is retiring Microsoft Professional Program (MPP) and replacing it with Microsoft Learn platform.

Microsoft shares they are taking the best of the Microsoft Professional Program and adding the ability to earn a technical certification at the end of the coursework. The company realizes that people with certifications earn 15% more and are 20% more productive.

Three years ago, we launched the Microsoft Professional Program (MPP) with one mission: to help you build the technical skills you need to succeed in emerging jobs.
Since that time, the importance of technical skills and industry-recognized certifications has grown.
That’s why we’ve decided to evolve our approach into a program where you can work toward a technical certification

Early this year Microsoft announced it was retiring Microsoft Virtual Academy and replacing it with Microsoft Learn platform. A free, interactive learning platform of tutorials, interactive browser-based coding/scripting environments and task-based achievements.

As we retire MPP, Microsoft Learn becomes your destination for building the skills you need to be successful.”

MPP will officially end December 31st 2019. However you can still apply for a course or track till 15th September. You have the ability to complete pending courses by December 31st.



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  5. Joseph Hess Avatar
    Joseph Hess

    Great program, we’ll introduce it with our RE systems in Africa

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