Women innovators in Kenya, South Africa, the UAE to benefit from global expansion of Women in Cloud Microsoft Cloud Accelerator Program

Jun 15, 2019

Women innovators in Kenya, South Africa, the UAE to benefit from global expansion of Women in Cloud and IdeaGen Microsoft Cloud Accelerator Program.

Women Innovators
Team Fe Amaan showcase their innovation at Microsoft Imagine Cup

Women innovators and technology entrepreneurs in Kenya, South Africa and the United Arab Emirates will soon get the opportunity to join the Women in Cloud Business Accelerator. Gretchen O’Hara, Microsoft VP Marketing, One Commercial Partner made this announcement at the 2019 GeekWire Cloud Summit.

Women innovators will recieve access to the cloud, mentorship, networking communities and resources to bring their innovations to market in the Microsoft Cloud Accelerator Program.

Gretchen shared that the program is going global, to ultimately help drive sustainable economic growth across the globe. Businesses from the first cohort were able to generate 3 million in new business just from the connection of technology access and business connectivity she noted.

Through our partnership with Ideagen and Women in Cloud, we’re extending the Cloud Accelerator Program to 8 additional countries to empower more Women in Tech around the world!”


The eight additional countries include Canada, France, Germany, India, Kenya, South Africa, the UAE and the UK. Selected women innovators from these countries will have unique programs planned for them in the second cohort. 

Women in Cloud, Microsoft Cloud Accelerator Program

Women in Cloud is a women community-led initiative built to empower women-led technology businesses to drive growth through cloud solutions and services. With the Microsoft Cloud Accelerator Program being one of its initiative.

The Women in Cloud Microsoft Cloud Accelerator Program is an immersive 6-month program designed to help female-led tech companies start and build their businesses through Microsoft and its cloud distribution channels. Selected entrepreneurs will learn to develop their cloud business model, cloud solution, source target customers, get access to subject-matter experts and executives. 

Microsoft hopes the expansion of the program will see it generate $1B in cloud opportunity by providing accessible cloud technology to more than 1,000 women-led tech companies.

There hasn’t been a specified date for when the global initiative will start. We will bring you updates when this happens.