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Facebook to remove Instagram app from Windows Phones

Instagram app
Instagram app
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Facebook will remove Instagram app for Windows Phone from store. Actually its being pulled out totally from your device.

Photo sharing app Instagram will become defunct for still active Windows 10 Mobile users like myself. Facebook has started telling users about this through notifications in the application.

Microsoft said earlier this year that “from December 10th 2019 Windows Mobile users will not recieve security support”. This therefore comes as no surprise and more organizations will begin to do same.

Facebook says “Starting April 30, the Instagram for Windows Phone app will no longer be available. You’ll still be able to log into Instagram using your mobile browser. ”

As mentioned, Facebook says you can use the web browser as an alternative. I tried this but the experience isn’t whole. I don’t know yet if by then the mobile experience would have been improved. Instagram for Windows 10 app will still exist and be supported, but not mobile.
Where does this leave you as a windows 10 mobile user? Well Maybe turn to 3rd party apps.

What options are available to you and what will you do. Share your options with us.

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