Microsoft Head Start for Startups

Apr 1, 2019

head start

Are you a Tech Startup in South Africa and looking for help to grow? Do you need the right doors opened throughout your journey? Then this is your opportunity to take the first step. Introducing Head Start a Microsoft initiative to provide support for startups in South Africa announced last year.

The Microsoft event for startups is themed “Opening tomorrow’s door for today’s startups“. Microsoft’s Head Start programme will help tech startups by giving them access to a variety of skills development resources, coaches and mentors, Microsoft’s customer network and the platform on which to build their products and services.

Registerand begin the journey to get ahead of the pack and stay there.

Venue : The River Club, Liesbeek Avenue, Observatory, Cape Town

According to Microsoft, the event will see startups exposed to it’s: Technology, Business development and Compliance, regulation and legal doors.

Technology: Microsoft’s experts and architects will help tech startups to build the right solutions.
Business development: experts will help the startups grow their customer base by introducing them to Microsoft’s extensive worldwide network of enterprises, governments, and startups from around the world.
Compliance, regulation and legal: will see Microsoft’s legal and corporate affairs team on standby to assist startups where needed.

Selected startups will learn topics such as Taking your business to the clouds. Building low cost, scalable applications on Azure, Doing ethical business, Market Acquisition for Startups and more.

If this is the opportunity you’ve been looking for, register to participate.