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Build 2019

Microsoft announce Build 2019 Developer event

Build 2019

Microsoft has announced dates for its premier event for developers. Build 2019 event will take place May 6th to 8th at the Washington State Convention center, Seattle Washington. Microsoft will open registration starting tomorrow 27th February 2019.

With an invitation that reads “Come experience the latest technologies and imagine new ways to create solutions“.
The developer focused event highlights new tools and technologies the software giants are developing. As well as changes and improvements coming in softwares. Developers also get to connect their various communities, get hands on and deep dive trainings.
Consumers will get an overview or the roadmap Microsoft has for most of its tools.

Microsoft Build 2019 Invitation

Join us in Seattle for Microsoft’s premier event for developers. Come and experience the latest developer tools and technologies. Imagine new ways to create software by getting industry insights into the future of software development. Connect with your community to understand new development trends and innovative ways to code.

I believe as usual the conference fee will be about $2500. Microsoft opens Build 2019 event up with a call for speakers submission, a move which is new.

I’m personally not sure what big announcements to expect but looking forward to this. The theme this year reads out “Imagine, Create, Code”.
We’ll keep you updated and have the live stream and updates here. Bookmark and check this out later in May.



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