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South Africa Managing Director

Microsoft announces new South Africa Managing Director

Microsoft announces that Lillian Barnard, Director of Public Sector will assume a new role as South Africa Managing Director.

South Africa Managing Director

Lillian Barnard we know has been very active in fostering the women at Microsoft community. DigiGirlz, and other coding initiatives that empower women and girls in technology.

At AfricaCom 2017 we had the opportunity to hear her talk about Microsoft’s Digital transformation being critical to businesses in Africa.

As Microsoft South Africa Public Sector Director, she has helped in shaping the countries digital transformation journey. With programs that include digital skills developement and digital transformation of businesses.

New South Africa Managing Director

Microsoft says “During her tenure at Microsoft, Barnard has pulled together a strong Public Sector team that has delivered innovative digital solutions and helped digitally transform the South African Government.
She has also been pivotal in re-igniting the South African chapter of Women At Microsoft and spurring a culture that embraces gender equality in the workplace.
Her development and impact as a leader, as a spokesperson, as technologist and as a seller within Microsoft have positioned her as an ideal successor capable of leading Microsoft South Africa into its next exciting chapter

Lillian will take over from Zoaib Hoosen who has been at the post for about 5 years.

Succeeding someone who has led with such distinction is an honour” she shares. “Zoaib has ensured that I will be taking over an extraordinary organisation. The business truly is in a strong position as a result of his commitment over the last five years. I am planning to continue to drive this growth as we move forward“.


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