Microsoft signs MoU with Zimbabwe Ministry of Education at Innovation Africa 2018

Nov 30, 2018

At Innovation Africa 2018 Microsoft signs MoU to create modern classrooms that drives innovation, performance and growth.


Innovation Africa 2018

Microsoft signs partnership with the Zimbabwe Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education at Innovation Africa Summit 2018. The partnership will see it assist the Zimbabwean government in “crating modern classrooms that drive innovation, performance and growth”. Per the agreement, Microsoft will assist the Zimbabwean Ministry in identifying devices for its specific digital education strategies. Microsoft will assist the Ministry in building partnerships with international Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). It will also provide consultancy services in building a local OEM assembly strategy. This partnership comes at a time Zimbabwe intends to digitally transform as part of its 2030 vision.

As partners of the Innovation Africa 2018 Summit underway in Zimbabwe. Microsoft joined in the EdTech discussions represented by its directors. Chairing a panel on innovation in education for bridging Africa’s skills gap was Harb Bou-Harb, Senior Director of Education Microsoft MEA.

Mark East, General Manager Education Microsoft MEA, spoke to the ministers and stakeholders on education bridging the skills gap in Africa. He said “technology will never replace teachers nor make them irrelevant. But teachers need to keep up with the changes“.

For Africa’s people to take their place in a 21st century global economy, the core ingredients to its digital education transformation recipe must include connectivity, digital literacy, the ability to code and command of the English language. Similarly, if we are to truly invest in the human capital of the future, we must prioritise the importance of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) learning for all K12 students.”

For Mr. East skills shortages have a way of impacting a countries GDP.

Microsoft says it “believes in a future where every young person has the skills, knowledge and opportunity to succeed. Committing to impart 10 million youths in the Middle East Africa region with digital skills in the next three years.



?: Microsoft, GraylingKE