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Microsoft redesigns Office 365 Icons to embrace a modern look

Microsoft Office 365 has redesigned app Icons



Microsoft’s Office 365 apps have a new design and boy they look wow. I mean i like them. They look fresh, clean, simple, modern and oh fluent lol. The design overhaul finally catches up with the office 365 apps. Microsoft calls this change “designs that honor heritage and welcome the future

Today, we unveiled redesigned Office app icons to honor the heritage of Office and welcome in the future. These app icons provide flexible visuals that reflect product changes and the new ways in which people are working” – Kirk Koenigsbauer, Corporate Vice President for Microsoft 365

Microsoft’s head of design for office 365, Jon friedman said “we’ve evolved our visual identity to reflect the simple, powerful, and intelligent experiences of Office 365

The last time Microsoft Office apps were update was in 2013. The redesign includes changes to the letter and symbol ratio and has flexible visuals. Microsoft says the changes will be rolling out across platforms in the coming months, starting with mobile and web apps. 


“We’ve changed the letter-to-symbol ratio. Traditionally, the letter occupied two-thirds of the icon, and the symbol took up one-third. We’ve changed this ratio to now emphasize the symbol”

To support this changing world of work, Office is transforming into a collaborative suite that lets you work together in real-time from almost any device. We’ve infused our tools with powerful AI: you can get insights from data with less effort, write a paper using your voice, or make your resume using LinkedIn insights. We’ve also added totally new apps to the suite like our AI-powered meetings and chat service, Microsoft Teams. In the end, it’s great design that makes these experiences fluid and seamless.

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