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Faridah Talatu

Artist Faridah Talatu Yaro uses Microsoft Paint to create amazing illustrations

Faridah Talatu uses Microsoft Paint & her illustrations are amazing

Faridah Talatu

Do you remember playing around with Microsoft Paint growing up? I remember designing flags and sketching houses. When extra creativity adrenaline showed up i used shapes to create abstract stuff hehehe lol. So i was intrigued when i saw amazing illustrations designed with Microsoft paint. I reached out to the artist creating this amazing pieces and she was willing to share more details with me. Read on to find out more.


Faridah shared her designs and it has since captivated the internet. Faridah Talatu Yaro is a student artist and model. She started drawing when she was 11 years old. Faridah said “I started drawing the basic way, with pencil and paper. I’ve always loved art and drawing. My favorite subject was fine art and I always got an A in it”. She shared that overtime she had developed her art skills. 

“Most importantly it was fun using it.
Overtime my skills began to build using the app.”

Asking Faridah if she had always used Microsoft paint for her work she said no. “I didn’t start with Microsoft paint, I started with pencil and paper. I started using Microsoft Paint in 2016, I was bored and I decided to play with it [Microsoft Paint]”.

“… it didn’t come out so well”

She said her first attempt didn’t come out so well. “Although it didn’t come out so well at first and it definitely wasn’t easy either, I continued using it because It was better than my pen to paper drawings. Most importantly it was fun using it. Overtime my skills began to build using the app”.

“It is easy to use and it is basic so there’s no complications.”

I asked her why Microsoft Paint and not the other sophisticated tools, she shared that she preferred paint because it was easy to use. “I prefer Microsoft Paint because it is easy to use and it is basic so there’s no complications in it. Other software’s like the Adobe Photoshop and others have more technical tools and it makes work less fun. People have suggested I upgrade but I don’t want to lol”. 

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I also asked her how it is like to use Microsoft paint for the kind of complex designs she makes? And if she gets all the details she wanted in her final product? Also could Microsoft add some features that will help her with a better final product or make using it easier. 

“Well Microsoft paint is pretty basic like I said. The colors are bold and the lines aren’t so manipulative except you know your way around it. For drawing more realistic pieces a blending tool will be a great help to me, because highlighting and contouring is harder without it”. She also hoped Microsoft can add more color options.

Faridah Talatu Yaro still works with the old Microsoft Paint app. The legacy one. Not the new Paint 3D app that Microsoft says is improved. I’m still working with the old MS paint but not the first original one, the one with more shapes, I’m well aware of the paint 3D app but it doesn’t do so much for me. There are only few custom 3D shapes. So yeah I’m sticking to the old one.

Depending on the piece she is working on she shared it could take under an hour to finish a drawing. But the more complex drawings take extra minutes she said.

Check out more of Faridah’s work from her Instagram page @Talatu.illustrations where she posts all her drawings . Connect with her on twitter @theridahtalatu. You can alternatively send her an e-mail for classes and design purchases. She has T-Shirts and Hoodies with the designs she makes. Contact her if you are interested in getting one.

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