Uptake of Cloud Services on the rise in Africa – Sebuh Haileleu

Nov 7, 2018

Sebuh Haileleu – Cloud Services is on the rise in Sub-Sahara Africa


Sebuh Haileleul, Microsoft East Africa Country Manager says there is increased interest and uptake of cloud services in Africa. Speaking to CNBC Africa via Skype he talked about the growth, opportunities and benefits of cloud to organizations in Africa.

“In sub-sahara Africa there’s a very big uptick in taking on more cloud services. I think it is primarily driven by some key factors.

1. Ability to quickly provision and provide services to customers or organizations
2. Agility and simplicity customers get from our platform
3. Security

From a Microsoft perspective, we look at cloud in a very different way. When we talk about cloud we talk about our trusted cloud. We invest over a million dollars just on security. When we host customer data and applications we go all the way to make sure they are encrypted end to end.

We see the cloud trajectory continuing as our customers become more clear on how the cloud can enable them. Either in the public sector or commercial space to transform business, provide better and quicker services for citizens.

Giving an example of a company using and benefiting from the cloud he talked about Kenya firm M-Kopa. M-kopa’s technology environment is all on the Azure cloud. It gives them the ability to lower operational cost whilst provisioning services quicker. 

Watch the full video of the on CNBC Africa’s site