Microsoft Egypt and Link Datacenter bring Azure Stack services to Egypt

Oct 11, 2018

Microsoft Egypt and Link Datacenter introduce the availability of Azure Stack hybrid Cloud services to Businesses in Egypt  


Link Datacenter and Microsoft Egypt have partnered to deliver Microsoft’s Azure stack services to the Egyptian market. Link Datacenter will become the first provider offering the hybrid Cloud Services through their Datacenters in Egypt. 

Microsoft Azure Stack is a hybrid cloud platform that lets you deliver Microsoft Azure services in your datacenter. Azure Stack is an extension of Azure that brings agility and innovation of cloud computing to an on-premises environment. It allows you to build and deploy hybrid applications anywhere. Microsoft says it brings together the best of the edge and cloud to deliver Azure services anywhere in your environment.

It is one of the latest innovation in Microsoft’s line of cloud infrastructure solutions. A hybrid hosting solution and an extension to Azure Public Cloud Computing Services. Confined to a geographical location, allowing enterprises to overcome limitations set by regulatory, data sovereignty policies or latency issues. It also easily connects with Azure cloud for integration with your cloud data and applications. It comes packed with important features that enhance the security, efficiency and agility of any enterprise. 

Azure Stack offers a ground breaking solution 

Speaking about the advantages Ahmed El Salmy, Microsoft Egypt Cloud Business Group Lead said “Azure Stack will offer a ground breaking solution; localized applications, data hosting and services, but still enjoy the benefits and features of Azure Cloud Services.” 

Speaking to a reporter of Daily News Egypt, Ahmed El Salmy said Microsoft Azure stack is suitable for many government institutions in Egypt that wish to keep their data within the country. It is also suitable for critical sectors in terms of security. He also shares his believe for the growth of the cloud computing market in Egypt.

Gamal Selim, Link Datacenter CEO says “Clients who can’t migrate to the cloud due to security or data regulations can easily move their applications and data to Azure Stack which can easily connect to any application they have on Azure cloud. Using Azure stack omits any problems with latency because they are connected via a dedicated data line, it also heightens the security of their infrastructure because nothing is accessible through the internet. Using Azure stack improves the agility, scalability, and reduces your total cost of ownership because you only pay for what you use and don’t need to invest in costly local data centers.”