HP introduces leather clad Spectre Folio Laptop

Oct 2, 2018

HP announces new Spectre Folio convertible Laptop that it says creates an unrivaled PC experience


HP Spectre Folio

At an unveiling, HP showed a device that seeks to revinent premium, reset expectations and create something completely new. A device that Stacy Wolff, HP’s Global Head of System Design calls “Modern vintage meets technology”. He said it is simple yet sophisticated, casual yet professional. 

A stunning new device
that sets a bold standard for premium PC innovation.


HP Spectre Folio

It can sit in four positions. HP says you can move it from the creation mode to the consumer mode. With making this device Stacy Wolff said we wanted a material that has that timeless quality. Something that changes the premium from Aluminum. He was quick to add that this is not a PC wrapped in leather but a PC made of leather

Let’s take a look at the HP Spectre Folio



The device comes with an 8th generation Intel Core i7 Y series processor, up to 16 GB RAM and configurable to 2 TB of storage. An LTE device, offering eSIM or nano SIM with about 18 hours of battery life. It comes in a 13″ display size with a full size backlit keyboard and an HP digital Pen included. It currently comes in two colours; Cognac brown and Bordeau Burgundy.

Pre-orders have started and it’s core i5 device starts at $1,299.99 whilst the i7 starts at $1,499.99. Get more details on the device here.