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Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17723 and 18204 to Fast ring and Skip Ahead

Preview Build

Windows 10 Preview Build 17723 and 18204 available to Insiders! 

Preview Build

Windows 10 continues to improve and be improved by the millions of insiders testing and giving feedback. The latest Windows 10 preview build brings enhancements and fixes as usual. Lets take a look at the new features in the latest releases for the 

Mixed Reality Flashlight 

So for mixed reality users, Microsoft has introduced Flashlight. Flashlight allows a mixed reality user to mix both the physical and virtual realities.

This is how Microsoft Windows Insider chief Dona Sarkar explained it. 

How many times have you been immersed in a captivating virtual experience and… Wanted to take a quick peek at someone nearby? Reach for a drink, your phone or a keyboard? Needed to find a surface to set down your controllers?” 

Prior to this, users would have to remove the headset, but if you are using the type with controllers then this can get messy. As you need to locate a safe spot. 

Today we are excited to announce that we are adding the ability to peer into your physical environment through Flashlight. Without removing your headset! With the latest Windows Insider Program build, you can open a portal into your real world at any time via the Start menu, a button shortcut, or a voice command. This opens a low-latency pass-through camera feed connected to your controller. It’s comfortable, intuitive, and keeps you immersed.” 

New Emoji 

The preview build also comes with about 151 new emojis. The new entrants include superheroes, redheads, a softball, a pirate flag, etc.. Find out on all about the new Unicode 11 here

We shared some tips on how you can bring up the Emoji Panel (WIN key + . ) and other helpful tricks.

It update brings improvements to IT Admins and Microsoft Edge has a tonne of new improvements as well. 

Microsoft also introduces a predictive model to save you from update headaches. 

“Have you ever had to stop what you were doing, or wait for your computer to boot up because the device updated at the wrong time? We heard you. To alleviate this pain, if you have an update pending we’ve updated our reboot logic to use a new system that is more adaptive and proactive. We trained a predictive model that can accurately predict when the right time to restart the device is. Meaning, that we will not only check if you are currently using your device before we restart, but we will also try to predict if you had just left the device to grab a cup of coffee and return shortly after.” 

Don’t forget there will be the next bug bash from the 27th July to 5th August. You can participate and win a trip Microsoft’s Headquarters and get a VIP experience as well as a peek into new things. 

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