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Microsoft Lumia 950 still takes amazing Photos

amazing photos

This 2 year old Lumia phone from Microsoft still takes amazing photos 


We all know Microsoft isn’t making mobile handsets anymore. They sold off that division and it’s been acquired by a group that has decided to resurrect the Nokia brand and boy, how many phones do they have out now? 

Also there are some faithful Lumia and Microsoft fans who are kinda excited by the rumored Andromeda pocketable device. Unfortunately after a surge of hype it seems to be squashed with news of it being killed or pushed further along. So question what device are you using these days? Did you already move on to either IOS or Android? I will like to know as i’m still undecided on the path to take. 

So I started out by using the Lumia 950 XL when the devices were launched. Two years on, hmm almost three actually I’ve switched to the Microsoft Lumia 950. I’ve been using it as my main device and my ultimate photography device. Truth be told the Lumia 950 and 950 XL packed some great specifications and had unique camera technologies that made it stand out. Pureview, Zeiss optics, HDR, advanced optical image stabilization amongst others. 

It might be old and i’m really thinking about a new device – (advice on what you moved on might help, kindly share why) – but it still takes amazing photos. 

I’m sharing a few of them here. Check out more from my Instagram collection don’t forget to follow for more and share yours with us as well.  

A parked Kenya Airways airplane 

Looking into the India Ocean 

Hakuna Matata Jambo


These are a few from my Instagram collection don’t forget to check out more.  What device do you use and does it take amazing photos? 

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2 thoughts on “Microsoft Lumia 950 still takes amazing Photos

  1. You mean 3 year old smart phone (23 months). Has biometric login, wireless charging, nearfield com, 20MP camera, built in translate, offline maps, full Office, scanning w/ OCR, and so on and etc. But Apple and Google are the best because I can get apps that siphon my personal info instead of browsing to a website to handle my biz. Thx Microsoft for failing to market and support/sustain as usual, and thx to society for constantly dumbing down as we spiral ever increasingly closer towards realizing Idiocracy.

    1. lol ?????? Pereon please be nice.
      I guess no one is in business for fans but for profit and that is the path Microsoft has chosen,(not that fans don’t matter). We see what comes up in future tech?

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