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Microsoft announce low cost Surface GO PC

Meet the most affordable Surface device yet, the Microsoft Surface Go 

surface go

Microsoft has announced a new baby to the Surface family, the Surface Go. With this device it looks like Microsoft is trying hard to put its premium hardware into many more hands.  

Introducing the new device, Microsoft’s chief product officer Panos Panay said the thinking around this was to provide the smallest, thinnest, lightest Surface possible with the same premium feel Surface is known for. 

When we designed this device, we had to ask ourselves what people want and need from a 10” Surface.
The answers seem obvious – lightweight, productive, and accessible to more people.
I’m pumped to introduce you to Surface Go, because it’s all those things, and so much more
.” –
Panos Panay 

Surface Go Specifications 

The new device is 10″, has 10 point multi-touch, ink, USB C, MicroSDXC card reader and weighs 1.15 pounds. It is powered by a 7th generation Intel Pentium Gold Processor 4415Y. This means a fanless design so they are able to keep it thin. Coming in two form configurations you can get either the eMMC 64GB / 4GB RAM at $399 or SSD 128GB / 8 GB RAM at $549. Microsoft promises you’ll get 9 hours video playback. Wait! this device has the Windows hello face authentication camera as well, nice. It also runs Windows 10 S, so you are able to get all the app from the store. 

Technically you’ll still need to buy the Surface Type Cover, pen and dial. So this puts the price back up there. Having been using Surface Pro’s this will be hard for me(Not having a type cover) based on what and I how I use it. Unless i’m looking for a fun and play device then this works perfect. From what Panos said it meets the needs of families trying to get tablets for the children and if you are a movie person and need a budget device for that. This device also fits in the education devices. 

You can Pre-order Surface Go now from the Microsoft store. It will be arriving in homes from the 2nd of August 2018. Interestingly Microsoft will be making this device available to many more markets although no African market yet. 

Let us know if this is your cue to finally join the Surface world if you’ve been waiting for something budget friendly. or wait for the older models to enter sale season and swoop in on that? share with us. 



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