Digital Transformation will support Economic growth and drive Entrepreneurship

May 8, 2018

Microsoft 4Afrika GM joins others in the Digital Transformation conversations at Transformation Africa 2018

Digital Transformation

Microsoft 4Afrika General Manager Amrote Abdella joined other panelist at this years Transform Africa Summit 2018 in Kigali, Rwanda. Joining the conversation on, Is digital connectivity an enabler and a foundation? during the Transform Africa’s Economic Forum. The broader discussion was Digital revolution; how can we ensure it is both an enabler and foundation for the transformation that is inclusive for everyone in Africa.

She said for us to have economic integration, we first need to start with technology consecration. For us to actually be able to do that we have to start with policy integration.

For all of the work we’ve done at Microsoft over the last five years in relation to last mile access, we have brought on board 500,00 SMEs online. With our TV whitespaces program we have launched 16 of them in 5 countries.

We need to create an ecosystem
where affordable access to technology becomes a reality
and is all inclusive” – Amrote Abdella 

Microsoft believes digital transformation is necessary to remain relevant and competitive in the future. It unlocks huge potential in an individual, in organizations and at the country level. Maturing on the digital transformation journey includes implementing both technology advancements and cultural changes, resulting in new business model or industry disruption.

We need to create an ecosystem where affordable access to technology becomes a reality and is all inclusive. Partnerships alone isn’t enough . It’s instrumental to get the right policies in place to make the single digital market a reality.

How do we build capacities and right skills as well as enabling environment for the youth, startups and entrepreneurs to thrive and become globally competitive ? Technology plays a critical role. In Africa, we anticipate digital transformation to support economic growth and drive entrepreneurship.