Microsoft is keeping focus on fans and users not competitors

Apr 28, 2018

Microsoft is focusing on fans and users not competitors in new cultural change


Microsoft’s chief marketing officer Chris Capossela had a sit down with cheddar and spoke about marketing Microsoft. The conversation also included what millennials thought about Microsoft, Microsoft’s competitors and partners in the tech world.

During the discussion he talked about how CEO, Satya Nadella’s cultural change has brought about growth to the company. He said in embracing open source, Microsoft is driving tremendous Azure growth.

He said “millennials tell us purpose is more important to them than product. So we(Microsoft) have moved from the competitive focus we had in the past”.

Productivity and creativity are things that we really think we do well

On How Microsoft competes with Apple and other tech competitors Chris said; 

“It’s far better to focus on our own fans. The fans will talk about your stuffs. The fans will tell you honestly how to make your own products much better. We’ve moved away from the competitive focus to focusing on the people who use the stuffs.” 

This gives the idea that Microsoft is all in on the fans and users just not in the way they think about it. Fans have been disgruntled on the idea to kill off some products and services they loved. 

Responding to Questions on Microsoft putting their products on competing products he said; 

“It’s part of the cultural change, we need to bring our products to the platforms that our customers are using. Office on the iPad or iPhone, Minecraft on every platform. That is a natural thing for us to do when we put our customers at the center of our work”.

Our goal is really to make fans. They tell you where to take your products. When you focus on your fans great things happen.