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Microsoft’s announcements of two data centers in Africa shows its seriousness in Africa says Dele Akinsade, Global Azure Program Manager. Talking about this at recently held Tech Summit in Cape Town, Dele said the data centers will alleviate challenges around compliance regulations for customers around the continent. It will also provide customers with better latency and connectivity. From Azure to Office 365 we bring these cloud services to the tips of the customer.  

Speaking during the Azure keynote at Tech Summit Cape Town, Victoria Grady, GM for Azure Marketing shared on Microsoft’s plans in the region. She said; 

This is a region that is really forward-thinking when it comes to the cloud. We see that and that is why we are investing as a company in bringing our data centres here. There is a lot of anticipation and excitement for that and my big message is that they are coming, so are you ready.

<>emSouth Africa is at the forefront of technological advancements and that is why we decided to invest in the country through our two data centers which will be up and running in 2018. We will be running a preview programme as well as an on-boarding programme for the customers. Where digital advisers will help with the transition. (We reported earlier the call to preview Microsoft Azure Cloud from Africa datacenters.)

For us at Microsoft, it’s about how we can join you on your digital transformation journey by helping you leverage a number of these technologies. We believe that we can leverage existing legacy technologies to both save money and improve efficiency with a hybrid cloud

Microsoft has a unique outlook on how we view hybrid cloud models. We see them as robust and durable and that they are likely to be around for a while. We do not see a hybrid cloud as a transition state but rather a solution on your digital transformation journey.” 

Microsoft Cloud on track for 2018 in Africa 


Microsoft South Africa MD, Zoiab Hoosen said Microsoft has invested heavily to make our services available to everyone and locally. We are on track to deliver these services in 2018.  It is about choice and it is about trust.  Choice allows an organization to either opt for on premises or on the cloud, it is a hybrid. He said the real conversation is, are you ready to take advantage of these services in 2018? 






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