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Microsoft holds Chief Security Officer Executive Series in Accra #MSSecurityGH

Microsoft holds Chief Security Officer (CSO) Executive Series themed “Think like a hacker” targeted at security experts in Accra.


The CSO Executive Series targeted at IT admins and security officers of companies was led by Greg Tworek. Greg is the director of CQURE and also a trainer at CQUREAcademy where they help experts level up.  Microsoft created the CSO executive series to enables participants network with peers and engage international security SMEs. It is also an event to teach on how to create an effective information security strategy against threats and hackers.

Every day, you can do something to protect your company from attacks. Especially when taking into consideration the newest technologies. It is surprising how often a hacker can use the same paths to enter your system. Let’s put you into the hacker’s role, and perform all the activities they would to better understand the threats. – Microsoft

The very informative sessions get you to see and think from a hackers point of view. What they think and how they think when trying to steal and take information from you that will be used in later days or months. Participants also learnt some very useful tools for whitelisting, checking ransomware, phishing etc.

Session modules included topics such as your company as a potential hacker’s target and Protecting privacy and identity. Also an informative session on Using Information Technology to prevent attacks and threats.
In the era of cloud computing information on Data storage security and Data sharing security was shared.

Greg sharing on some Security Best Practices;

  1. Understanding is the Key
  2. Put on the Hackers Shoes
  3. Prevention is the key to success.

Did you know 67% of young workers think cooperate social media policies are outdated. Digital signature is a great way to protect  your stuff. Also 70% of users do not password protect their smartphones.

One very helpful and interesting fact Greg shared was that Office 365 cloud solutions provide a lot of gains and security.

Follow more details check out the conversation via the hashtag #MSSecurityGH. The event is also scheduled to take place in Nairobi, Kenya  follow  via the hashtag #MSSecurityKE




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