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An amazing Opportunity that leads to Great Things, The Microsoft #Interns4Afrika story of Edwin

Edwin Maye shares his experience of being selected for an Interns4Afrika internship program. On how amazing the opportunity was and doors that opened and have opened. 

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The Microsoft Interns4Afrika internship program offers young individuals a unique experience with a Microsoft partner organization in your home country. Microsoft believes this is a great way to kick start your future. With six months working with a real company, on real projects learning and applying new skills.

When I joined the university in September 2014 for a BSc. Computer Science degree at Moi University I had no idea what Computer Science was. In fact, I thought I had just wasted my “A” grade score in High School. I took time to get myself convinced that this was a dollar course.

When I met Somet, the 4Afrika official in Kenya, he enlighten me on the 4Afrika program. I learnt of the 4Afrika Internship program and I was so interested in joining the program just after i finish my fourth year.(The Interns4Afrika internship program requests that applicants should be a graduate).

In 2016 between July and August, I received an email from the 4Afrika team requesting me to apply for the 2016-2017 internship program. I had just finished my second year at the university. I applied though with no much expectation since I was not yet a graduate as required.
A month later I received a call from Lucy of the 4Afrika Team who informed me that I had qualified for the internship and that I was going to be contacted by a Microsoft Partner organization for my interview. I was so happy. That was a BOOM!

The Internship Opportunity

I received interview requests from two Microsoft Partner organiations, E-Momentum Systems and Magtech Solutions. Both based in Nairobi, Kenya. I felt great. I had the Magtech Interview first and made it. When the second Microsoft partner called, I had already received an appointment letter from Magtech Solutions.

Since my first day at work for my internship, I really learnt and gained a lot. Team work being the most important of all. My professional aspect of life has grown better than before. From writing to field work, that is technical aspect with Microsoft Azure and Office 365.

The Microsoft 4Afrika Sales and Technical Trainings empowered me so much. The trainers were great and we could exchange ideas and engage positively during the training sessions.
One of the epic training was the Microsoft 3 day Office 365 Training that took place in Nairobi at Microsoft offices. The trainers, Charles and Ben from the United Kingdom were great and resourceful.

During my Internship, I got a client during my freelancing side hustles who wanted to have a marketing file that would be something like an “offline website” which would be used by their sales team instead of using a mobile app or having brochures. At first I had no idea but I took the job.

I managed to have it done and to me this was one of the greatest achievement I made during the internship. I am looking forward to having more clients in the near future. The pay was good!

I represented Magtech Solutions Ltd at the NexTech Africa event held in Nairobi. A 2 day meeting of the minds designed to engage, empower, inspire and see African technology creators building it for Africa.

Currently am back to school for my third year semester and looking forward to working at Microsoft and 4Afrika in the near future. I thank the Microsoft 4Afrika team for their support all through and I am glad to have gained more than I anticipated.

Edwin has only finished his 3rd year and had an amazing Interns4Afrika experience. The applications are opened from time to time.



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