Microsoft is at the cusp of empowering a Quantum Computing Revolution

Sep 25, 2017

Microsoft’s quest to start a Quantum Computing Revolution seems to be on. After years in research Satya Nadella believes if we want to achieve more then we only have to take a quantum leap. 

quantum computing

At the Microsoft Ignite and Envision Keynote event Microsoft CEO shared with the world on the mission and vision of Microsoft. Okay you already know what that is, empower every person and organization … . Yeah, but these events are kind of futuristic. They allow Microsoft to share on new breakthroughs and innovations that developers and partners can build upon. At the keynote Satya Nadella shared on the way forward with Office 365, AI, MR and announced what Microsoft research is doing with Quantum computing. He also said the three key technologies that he believes will fundamentally transform industries are Mixed Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computing. 

Speaking at the keynote Satya shared on the craving for a Digital Transformation and how it spurs up a chain of empowerment all round and in all industries.

Every piece of technology should help embellish the capability of human beings. We definitely want more productivity and efficiency but we don’t want to degrade humanity.  We want technology to provide new levels of accessibility. How can we bring more people as full participants using technology in our community. These opportunity of Digital Transformation grounds us at Microsoft.  – Satya Nadella

From the concept video above you get an idea into what this quantum computing will be about. An example of it’s application is if a quantum computer could hypothetically process a training algorithm for the Cortana digital assistant in a day rather than a month, assuming all factors remain the same, Cortana would improve 30 times faster. “That would mark a profound improvement in AI advances”. – Craig Mundie,  Microsoft’s chief research and strategy.

SO is Quantum Computing the Next big thing? 

Microsoft’s venture into the next big thing has been in the works for some time. With some strides in the quantum computing space, they’ve developed both a topological qubit and the ecosystem of hardware and software that will eventually allow a wide range of developers to take advantage of quantum computing’s power. It also includes a new programming language, that’ll be integrated with Visual Studio and designed to work on both a quantum simulator and a quantum computer.

“In just hours or days, a quantum computer can solve complex problems that would otherwise take billions of years for classical computing to solve. This has massive implications for research in healthcare, energy, environmental systems, smart materials, and more. The quantum economy is coming. And Microsoft envisions a future where customers use Azure for both classical and quantum computing.”

The project is currently opened to developers who will like to be early adopters. Developers can sign up to participate today. Learn more about Microsoft’s quest in empowering the Quantum Revolution

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