Microsoft outdoors 20 Social Businesses in #Insiders4Good East African Fellowship Program

Jun 30, 2017

The East Africa Fellowship of Microsoft’s 2nd cohort of the Insiders4Good program is under way. 20 ideas were selected from as many entrants from Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda.

east africa fellowship aMicrosoft announced the Insiders4Good East Africa fellowship earlier this year during NexTech Africa summit in Nairobi. It came off the success of the first fellowship held in Nigeria.

The past weeks, the fellows have been involved in a boot camp led by Microsoft’s Insider team. The boot camp is to familiarize and prepare them for the six months fellowship program. Meet the East Africa fellows and learn about their ideas here. Below is a video shared by about the fellows and their ideas.

During the fellowship, fellows will be taken through how to build a business out of their ideas. There’ll be mentorship sessions, and fellows will receive technical, hardware and software supports.
Andy Weir spent some time with the fellows during the boot camp and shared a post on it. 

I learnt from Andy’s interview with Jeremiah Marbel, Windows Insider Director that these fellowships will soon be translated as a model for Insiders worldwide. I’ve seen from various interactions, people asking when the Insider4Good program will get to their countries. This seems best as Microsoft might not be able to do the fellowship in each country.

Microsoft is now exploring ways to ‘package’ the Fellowship as a set of resources for Windows Insiders around the world. These will include videos, blogs, and other guides to enable people to ‘help themselves’ in working on their personal and professional projects, and Microsoft intends to expand and refine those resources based on feedback from its Insider community. – Andy – Neowin

What do you think about the Fellowship program and Microsoft’s plan to roll the model worldwide?