Microsoft 4Afrika AppFactory Academy Launched in Ethiopia in Partnership with Wollo University and Tulane University

May 28, 2017

Microsoft 4Afrika AppFactory Academy launched in Ethiopia. The AppFactory Academy is in partnership with Wollo University, Kombokcha Institute of Technology campus(KIOT) and Tulane University – CGHE.


The Microsoft AppFactory Academy is an internship program that empowers developers and technology entrepreneurs. The 9th of it’s kind in Africa with others already running in South Africa, Egypt, Rwanda,Nigeria and Ghana. It is aimed at equipping young software developers and coders with hands-on experience, while helping them build critical business skills to secure jobs or create their own businesses. Participants will be mentored by senior software architects and application developers on how to design, implement and manage complex projects.

Microsoft 4Afrika has partnered with Wollo University and Tulane University International – Center for Global Health Equity (CGHE), to launch the AppFactory Academy in Ethiopia. Wollo University will host the academy on its campus and Tulane University CGHE will provide technology mentors to work with the interns on contributing to their current healthcare suite and creating new applications.

Wollo University wants the Ethiopia AppFactory to focus on a different sector each year, starting with healthcare. All applications developed in the AppFactory academy will run on Microsoft’s Azure Cloud platform.

The Wollo University AppFactory Academy

The Academy will focus on certain sectors each year to ensure quality graduates in various disciplines are developed. The focus for this year will be in health care hence the partnership with health care research University, Tulane.

The trainees will spend six months working on real-world software development projects under the mentorship of senior software engineers. At the end of the 6 months, graduates will be able to design, implement and deploy cloud-enabled mobile solutions.

Currently the Microsoft 4Afrika initiative has over 300 graduated developers from the AppFactories. With 90% of the graduates placed in jobs.

I’ll do an update on how to join this program if you are in Ethiopia and interested.  So look forward to this.


The first intake of this academy was opened to only Wollo University students. There are plans to expand the program in Ethiopia with other universities.

How does anyone interested in the Appfactory academy get to join the program?
There are 2 possible interested groups – 1. Interns who want to join an AppFactory, and 2. Universities who may want to host an AppFactory.
Students can reach out to Wollo University directly.Institutions which will like to host an AppFactory, should reach out to Microsoft 4Afrika.

Are you excited about the program? Have you been a part of the 4Afrika AppFactory program from Microsoft in your country? Share with us your experience.

?: Wollo University