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Introducing the ZEPTO UmiTab 10.1

“The ZEPTO UmiTab 10.1 is Zepto Ghana Limited’s latest hardware.”

Zepto UmiTab
UPDATE: find a review on device here  We took it out for a spin.

The ZEPTO UmiTab 10.1 is a Microsoft Windows 10 device inspired by the design of the Surface Pro line and produced in partnership with Microsoft.  It’s designed to give you longevity use and provide you with easy access to your files anytime with the inbuilt 3G data access.

The cooperation with Microsoft means you get 1TB of OneDrive cloud storage, full version of Office 365 Mobile for a year. The UmiTab 10.1 targets students in tertiary institutions as such priced lower than it’s competitors in the same range.

Charles Ofori, CEO of ZEPTO Ghana Limited in a statement on their latest devices remarked;

“We are excited about what we are offering Ghanaians because not only does the UmiTab 10.1 offer quality at a low price but it provides Microsoft’s familiar fast and secure software.
Our teams across the country will ensure that customers get the technical support and customer service they deserve long after they have purchased the device.”

The ZEPTO UmiTab 10.1 Specifications include;

  • Windows 10 OS
  • Quad-core Intel Baytrail 1.83 GHz CPU, with Intel HD Graphics GPU
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 32 GB HDD storage
  • 10.1″ IPS capacitive touchscreen,  1280 X 800 Screen resolution
  • Dual Camera 2.0 MP Front and 5.0 MP Rear
  • HDMI Output
  • 2G, 3G (GPRS/GSM/EDGE/UTMS-900/2100MHz)
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n
  • Bluetooth BT 4.0
  • 7900 mAH Battery
  • 3.5mm Headphone jack
  •  550g , 258 x 172 x 9.7 mm

The PC’s come in red, cyan/blue, black, gray and pink colours.

NB: Bulk and Hire purchase option for institutions and students is available.
Contact George : 024 346 8137 The UmiTab 10.1 is currently retail priced at GH₵ 1,100.00 and available at ZEPTO Ghana Limited Offices across the nation and online via the Jumia store.UPDATE: find a review on device here

Source: ZEPTO Ghana Limited


30 responses to “Introducing the ZEPTO UmiTab 10.1”

  1. […] earlier did a specifications post on the ZEPTO UmiTab and you can check it out if you want to know what powers it. It sits in a class of it’s own. It’s not a high end […]

  2. sammy-de-young Avatar

    I want to purchase this zepto umitab but the way people are complaining about theirs is making me confuse. What should I do?

  3. […] earlier did a specifications post on the ZEPTO UmiTab and you can check it out if you want to know what powers it. It sits in a class of it’s own. It’s not a high end […]

  4. Yesuba Paulson Avatar
    Yesuba Paulson

    Plse my torch is not responding …..Plse me Zepto repair office contact

  5. Yesuba Paulson Avatar
    Yesuba Paulson

    Hello please my keyboard is not working oooh……OMG…

  6. Anyasor Ama Dzifa Avatar
    Anyasor Ama Dzifa

    Infact, this tab is giving wahala, touch pad not working, keypad not responding, refuses to boot, changed for me 3 times within 1 week. This third one is just gone off, all attempts to boot proved futile!!! I am so frustrated… Need help

  7. Daniel Avatar

    Please I have lost almost all the accessories and also got my screen cracked. Can it be fixed ?

  8. Yesuba-Paulson Avatar

    Hei……. please my back CAMERA isnt responding arh……
    do samtyn….

  9. Jude B Avatar
    Jude B

    Pls my zepto keyboard use to freeze, any help

  10. Aziegah Mawutor Avatar
    Aziegah Mawutor

    where can I get Zepto hardisk

    1. Sylvester Addo Avatar

      Charley you’ll need to visit the Zepto office parts and replacements. kindly visit their website for contacts.

  11. thisman Avatar

    pls my keyboard is not working and camera too. And pls part of my screen too is not responding for the touch. pls where is the Zepto repair office located?

    1. Sylvester Addo Avatar

      Please visit the nearest Zepto office for this.

  12. Kenny JO Avatar
    Kenny JO

    Please I need a new charger.
    My own is destroyed…
    The price please?

  13. John Avatar

    I need to talk to you, can I please have your contact telephone numbers?

    1. Sylvester Addo Avatar

      Hi John, kindly use the form on the contact us page or e-mail support @ microsoftcaregh . com

  14. Dee Avatar

    I have these issues;
    Touchpad malfunctions.
    Keyboard disconnects with the slightest of movements.

  15. michael barny Avatar
    michael barny

    where can i purchase a new charger since my current one is destroyed

  16. eunice Avatar

    also my rear camera isnt working….d response is that other apps are using it and it gives me an error code

  17. eunice Avatar

    please my keyboard is not working anymore and i need a new one…how do i get one

    1. Sylvester Addo Avatar

      Hi Eunice, I guess you are talking about your Zepto UmiTab 10.1?
      kindly check if you have software, firmware and driver updates available from the store or Windows Update. If there are you’ll need to get them.
      With Keyboard you might need to visit the Zepto repair office for a replacement.


  18. PRISCILLA Avatar


  19. Adjetey Avatar

    Where can I get the device drivers for this device?

    1. Eddie Blay Avatar
      Eddie Blay

      Can you installed application on it

      1. Sylvester Addo Avatar

        Hi Eddie Blay, yes you can install other / non windows store apps on the device. It runs a complete windows 10 OS.

  20. Theresa Avatar

    Can one make calls on the umitab

    1. Sylvester Addo Avatar

      Hi Theresa, from our review on the Tab 10 it doesn’t make calls.

  21. Tetteh Ayertey Isaac Avatar
    Tetteh Ayertey Isaac

    Can it make call

    1. Sylvester Addo Avatar

      Hi Isaac, it doesn’t make calls. we noticed from our review on the Tab 10 .

  22. Emmanuel Taye Avatar

    Can one make or receive calls using the umitab 10.1?

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