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Meet Derek Appiah, Microsoft Ghana’s new Country Manager

Derek sees significant potential in Ghana’s young population and is excited that Microsoft has a presence in the country to help unlock this potential.

Derek Appiah, new country manager for Microsoft Corporation in Ghana holds both an engineering and MBA degree. He’s gained over 20 years of experience in various fields; research, technology, product development, marketing, sales and management with various organizations; he’s worked in the UK as the general manager, new business development for BT, worked as a chief enterprise solutions officer at MTN, Nigeria. Derek has also been an independent IT and Telecoms consultant to telcos in UAE, New Zealand, Qatar and Ireland. He worked with Vodafone Ghana as a Vodafone business solutions director & previous CEO of Logiciel Ghana Ltd., currently a non executive director.

“What I really enjoy about working in emerging markets is that you can make a big impact quickly; it’s possible to contribute to the ecosystem in a very real way.”

Appiah’s goal as Country Manager will be to help the company have a more active role in Ghana and add more value now that it has offices in the country and a 100% Ghanaian staff complement. He aims to make a significant impact on Ghana’s development,

“I believe there is enormous potential for technology to change lives in the emerging world, so this is an opportunity to make a big impact using Microsoft to enable productivity for businesses, government and consumers,”

A key area Derek will be focusing is developing youth employability skills, which he believes will help to develop Ghana’s business ecosystem.

“What I love most about Ghana is its young and vibrant population,

They are peace-loving and punch above their weight intellectually, making them the perfect candidates to take the country forward if they can acquire the necessary skills.

This is not about charity but rather about creating a value exchange between citizens, industry and government. Young people are an asset to our society, and even more so if they are adequately equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to create a brighter future for themselves and for Ghana.”



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15 responses to “Meet Derek Appiah, Microsoft Ghana’s new Country Manager”

  1. Timothy Asiedu Avatar

    Derek, Congratulations on your impact on the Ghanaian ecosystem.

  2. tasiedutimtechghcom Avatar

    Thank you very much for the opportunity to meet Derek Appiah, the Country Manager of Microsoft Corporation. Now that we have an Office in Ghana, it is an opportunity to explore more the productivity of the Microsoft products.

  3. tasiedutimtechghcom Avatar

    Hello , Thank you for the opportunity to meet Derek Applah, the Country Manager for Microsoft Corporation. Well I believe now that we have an Office in Ghana, it is an opportunity to explore more the productivity of the Microsoft product.

  4. Dzidonu Eso Avatar
    Dzidonu Eso

    Please is Mr. Appiah still the manager. If yes then we will need his office location and phone number for some enquiries.

    1. Sylvester Addo Avatar

      Hi Eso, kindly send an email to and we will get back to you. Best_

  5. Bless Avatar

    Please my surface pro 4 got dropped and had my screen broken , how and where can I get a replacement of the screen and how much will that cost me

  6. Sam Avatar

    what is the email or phone contact for Derek Appiah

    1. Timothy Asiedu Avatar

      Thank you very much for update. I am building a good team which can forge good business relations with Microsoft Ghana.

    2. Sylvester Addo Avatar

      Hi Sam, Unfortunately we aren’t privy to this. Is there any other thing we can help with?

  7. ginbrookesndy brookes Avatar

    Its an unpalatable fact that around 80% of computer operating system software is cloned( stolen) figures as heard on TV Copyright Dept ; I find it hard to imagine how a Country can develop ICT based on stolen software. Thus I would a shift where computer PC is either genuine Windows (paid for) or GNU license Linux.

    In regard to the cloning issue do you think it possible to collaborate with Linux user groups; in other words would it not be better for the percentage who can not afford genuine Window to have GNU license Linux instead

    1. Timothy Asiedu Avatar

      Thank you for the update. We will do our best to ensure we have genuine operating system and application packages.

  8. Timothy Asiedu Avatar

    I strongly believe Derek Appiah, the Country Manager of Microsoft Ghana will make an impressive impact in the Ghanaian ecosystem.

  9. esther Avatar

    why does your phone contacts online never get to anyone? please care about your customers and potential ones very well. we need you but you also need us.

    1. Sylvester Addo Avatar

      Hello Esther sorry you couldn’t reach anyone by phone. Kindly leave us a message anytime using the form in the contact us page and you’ll receive a feedback. Thank you for visiting.

  10. PAUL AMATI Avatar

    My quest is for Office location and telephone number

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