Unleashing Potential and serving underserved communities with quality Education, a Rocketship Education story

Rocketship Education is serving underserved communities with quality education and re-inventing American schooling.

rocketship education

A non-profit network of public elementary charter schools, Rocketship Education believes in the infinite possibility of human potential. It prioritizes transformative change in low income communities by providing a public school model that propels student achievement.

We believe that every student deserves the right to dream, to discover, and to develop their unique potential.
It is our responsibility and our privilege to unleash the potential inside every Rocketeer we serve.
Our network propels student achievement, develops exceptional educators to thrive in their community

The Rocketship Education Way 

By delivering on transparency, diversity, innovation and excellence they seek to make an impact in the lives of the students and communities they serve. Their model of education is built on these pillars; 

  • Personalized Learning : Tailoring instruction, content, learning experience, and pace to unleash the potential of every student
  • Talent Development : Investing in the growth and development of every team member to unleash their full potential in the classroom and beyond 

  • Parent Power : Unleashing the power of parents to champion their children’s education, hold leaders accountable, and enable high-quality public schools to thrive.

Growth matters for all students, but it is especially important for students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

At Rocketship Education Public Schools students rotate between four content blocks daily. Subject areas in the humanities, STEM, learning lab and enrichment are applied. This model they say “allows us to improve student outcomes by developing teachers who specialize in either STEM or Humanities”. 

Having gone through a round of funding, Rocketship Education promises to revolutionize education in undeserved communities with partnerships from parents, teachers, leaders, and students. 

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